Our meeting spaces offer privacy and comfort for every size group.

The Pettijohn Chapel

This beautiful pine-paneled auditorium is ideal for the large group. There is a stage for your speaker as well as two ‘break-out’ rooms that are perfect for smaller, more informal gatherings. The Pettijohn Chapel is a 300 capacity auditorium.

Camp Crosley Chapel exterior

The HA Pettijohn Chapel is a classic building that is the center of so many camp activities from chapel services to classes to group meetings.


Interior of Camp Crosley YMCA Chapel

Interior of Camp Crosley YMCA Chapel


The Kiva

Located at the North Village, the Kiva is ideal for a large group.  It’s is a multi-purpose building that can be used as an auditorium but then converted to a recreation area with an indoor basketball court.  The Kiva also has a cafe style room adjacent to the main room which is great for more informal meetings.  The Kiva has a capacity of 150.

Camp Crosley YMCA Kiva meeting rooms

Located in the Kiva is a small cafe area that works perfectly for smaller meetings or break out groups.


The Kiva at Camp Crosley YMCA is a large, multipurpose space.

The Kiva at Camp Crosley YMCA can be easily converted from a large meeting area to a basketball court or game area within a matter of minutes.


The Lakeview Conference Center

Two rooms with full-length windows along one wall that offer an uninterrupted and stunning view of the lake, and is designed for the more intimate groups that require a comfortable and exclusive meeting space. These executive meeting rooms have a capacity of 40 each.

The Lakeview Conference Center at Camp Crosley YMCA

The Lakeview Conference Center offers two rooms, both with brilliant views of Little Tippecanoe Lake.


Meeting room of the Camp Crosley Lakeview Conference Center

Our Lakeview Conference Center rooms offer spacious areas with plenty of natural light and beautiful views of the lake.

The Sunset and Pine Rooms

These two rooms are for the small group that needs some privacy. These are smaller rooms in our Dining Hall for more informal meetings.