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Camp Crosley YMCA offers a Music Fusion class to summer campers

Our Music Fusion class gives kids the chance to try out various percussion, keyboards and guitars as well as vocals, and at the end of the week, they perform in front of the entire camp.

The Y.  So much more.  Camp Crosley YMCA is more than archery, campfires, energetic counselors or the H2Whoa Zone . We work to help each and every camper build confidence, inspire dreams and achieve goals, and as we strengthen individuals and families, we strengthen entire communities!

Did you know that today’s child spends an average of four hours a day on the computer/watching TV/on their phone?  Some studies report that on average, they’re only spending four minutes a day outside.  Kids are searching for purpose and significance.  Week after week, summer after summer, they find it at Camp Crosley.  Please consider partnering with us with a gift to Camp Crosley YMCA. With your help, we aim to have zero barriers between a camper and the experience of a lifetime.  Sending a child to camp can pay lifelong dividends. Together, we can achieve so much more!

If you have any questions or would like to donate over the phone, please call our office at 574-834-2331. Or, for your convenience, click here to donate online.