Our water confidence check is given to all campers, staff,volunteers, and community use participants who wish to swim beyond the shallow swimming area  in the Whoa Zone.  Campers must pass this test in order to participate in waterskiing/wakeboarding, kayaking, sailing, and stand up paddle boarding. The test is given to campers and staff the day they arrive with their cabin group (weather permitting).

The following wrist bands will be given at the end of the check:

Green Band:

50 meters on the stomach (no underwater swimming) from one end of the Whoa Zone to the other.
Tread water for 2 minutes. Lifeguards stay by the swimmers throughout the entire test.

Red Band:

For campers who don’t wish to be checked or don’t complete the check on Sunday afternoon. We know that campers can get nervous or change their minds so we allow them to re-check during designated swim times each day.