We offer several types of lodging for you to choose what best suits your groups. Our cabins are update with heat and air-conditioned and are carpeted. Our Hargreaves and Woodland Village cabins offer attached bathroom/shower facilities, while the facilities at Hilltop, Lakeside cabins and North Village yurts are within easy walking distance. The maximum number of occupants for these cabins is between 12 and 14 so they are suitable for family groups, church groups and informal adult groups. Every cabin area has its own fire pit area.

Camp Crosley interior of cabins

Our Hargreaves Village and Woodland Village cabins have attached bathroom facilities.

Camp Crosley Hargreaves Village Cabins

The exterior of a Hargreaves Village Cabin. There are four cabins in this area.

Woodland Village at Camp Crosley YMCA

Our Woodland Village cabins have an attached bathroom facility, 14 beds per cabin, a covered porch and fire pit area.

Lakeside Cabin area at Camp Crosley YMCA

Our Lakeside cabins are just off of Little Lake Tippy. They also bunk 14 and offer a private fire pit area.

Hilltop Cabin Area Camp Crosley YMCA

There are six Hilltop cabins each holding a group of 14. The remodeled bathhouse is close by as is a beautiful large gazebo and two fire pit areas.

Interior view of a Hilltop cabin, Camp Crosley YMCA

Interior view of a Hilltop cabin.

Interior view of a yurt at North Teen Village at Camp Crosley YMCA

The yurts in the North Village house up to 12 people. They are heated/air conditioned and carpeted. Shower facilities are close by, and the two fire pit areas overlook Lake Little Tippy.

Interior view of North Village yurt at Camp Crosley YMCA

The interior of North Village yurt.