Camp Crosley partners with Fellowship Missions to house the homeless.

Camp Crosley YMCA will continue a partnership that began during the early stages of the pandemic of 2020 with local nonprofit Fellowship Missions to shelter and feed the homeless population in Kosciusko County.
While 2020 provided many challenges for the overnight camp, it was effortless to partner with Fellowship Missions and serve a different demographic than ever before. The partnership has grown and will continue to serve the economically disadvantaged through 2021.
Mark Battig, Executive Director of Camp Crosley, has this to say about the partnership, “We are blessed to be partnering with Fellowship Missions once again. By collaborating and sharing our resources we are able to help support the overall goal of Fellowship Missions. In working together, we are strengthening our community and giving hope to individuals and I am excited we are putting our mission into action.”
Hosting Fellowship Missions at Camp Crosley also allows the residents to interact in nature. Nature is proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical health and is needed now more than ever before.  “One of the biggest things camp provides us is the space for the residents to continue to live life as normal as possible. We have seen mental and physical health issues decrease with the opportunity of being in an area with so much space to walk around, along with all the outside activities available. We have experienced a massive decrease in stress, arguments, small issues and addiction relapse. We have also seen an increase in camaraderie and people helping and encouraging one another.“ says Eric Lane, CEO of Fellowship Missions.
While the pandemic continues to affect the way we live, there are still positive things happening all around us every day.