Our Goal for the Future

Long term planning to invest in Camp Crosley is underway. As a world class camping destination, Camp Crosley maintains quality programs and facilities to attract campers. Camp’s hilltop cabins, Lakeside Village and Dining Hall are all in need of renovation not only for aesthetic appeal but upgraded facilities would improve efficiency and provide a more inclusive environment.

Funding would address outdated cabins, bath house accessibility and ensure Camp Crosley provides an accessible and inclusive environment to all we serve.

Phase 1: Hilltop Cabins and Bath

The Hilltop cabins are outdated and inefficient. Funding would allow renovations to, improving aesthetic appeal, update the HVAC systems, and connection to the new sewage and septic system provided by the local municipalities as well as add an attached bath house.

Adding a bath house to the hilltop cabins provides close access, improved accessibility and more inclusivity for campers who may be dealing with body image and sexuality issues. Camp Crosley always strives to maintain an inclusive environment for all those we serve and adding a bath house to the cabins ensures all feel safe and secure while at Camp.

These cabins and new bath house serve a wide variety of ages and geographic area. During summer resident camp, youth ages 10 to 12 years old utilize the cabins. We serve kids not only from Delaware County, but all over the United States. During camp’s off season the cabins are used for groups and retreats.

Phase 2: Lakeside Cabins and Bath

Lakeside cabins were built alongside the Hilltop Cabins and hold the same needs. Renovating Lakeside cabins would includes improving aesthetic appeal, update HVAC systems, connection to the new sewage and septic system and an added bathhouse.

Phase 3: Dining Hall and Kitchen

The dining hall was built in the 1920’s and has remained the same with only minor equipment upgrades to meet the demand of serving an increasing number of campers. A renovated dining hall and kitchen would improve mealtime efficiency and allow for use of the space in off times for programs and activities.

Phase 4: Program Areas

To remain relevant, Camp Crosley must continually upgrade attractions and program spaces. From 2015 – 2016, the WhoaZone was added along with the pavilion, infirmary, and the welcome center. The final phase of this project will focus on renovating and updating the equestrian center, basketball and tennis courts, adding an arts and craft pavilion, renovating the nature center, upgrading the athletic field and making improvements to the North Teen Village.

Who We Are

The YMCA was established to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We are devoted to strengthening the foundations of our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Camp Crosley YMCA intentionally fosters a cause-driven culture every day by being a welcoming place that is open to all. We value and encourage our campers, guest and staff to be true to themselves and to believe they can be a catalyst for good in the community.

We consider ourselves nurturing partners, helping children and adults to reach their full potential and develop leaders who inspire others to take individual and collective action to strengthen the community. Above all else, we are on a relentless quest to make our community stronger.

What We Do

Camp Crosley is a sanctuary for kids and adults to be themselves, learn and reconnect to nature and find lasting human connections.

Camp is proven to:

  • Boost self confidence
  • Forges friendships and a sense of community
  • Teaches valuable life skills
  • Forces a break from electronics

Boost Self Confidence:

Although we live in an era with a of self-esteem, kids don’t gain these attributes unless they do things that make them feel more confident. At Camp Crosley, campers experience success every day, away from their parents and home and completely on their own, which leads to a greater sense of confidence. The independence learned at Camp allows kids to learn and grow on their own and develop into their own person.


Forges Friendship and a sense of community:

Camp Crosley is the easiest place for a kid to make friends and feel a sense of belonging, which combats stress and anxiety. After the challenges of 2020 and higher academic pressures, kids live at a heightened sense that creates more anxiety and stress. Feeling connected to friends and community correlates to a happier life and has a positive effect on the brain.


Teaches valuable life skills:

Being away from home and your parents gives kids a exposure to independence and the experiences of learning resiliency, teamwork, communicating your needs, problem solving, conflict resolution and leadership skills. Campers have a higher social and emotional intelligence because of these experiences.


Forces a break from electronics:

While we are more connected to information than ever before we are far less connected to each other. On average youth between 8 to 18 consume on average over 7 hours of screen time per day. Excessive screen time is linked to emotional and behavior problems and difficulty with peers in school.

The ‘happiest” kids use screens less than one hour per day. Teens who spend more time in face-to-face interactions with friends are the happiest. Camp Crosley is a screen free zone, allowing the Campers to have those in person interactions and increase their serotonin levels leading to happiness.

How We Can Accomplish the Task

Through the support of alumni, our community, individuals and businesses, and local foundations investing in the projects at Camp Crosley, we can ensure that kids have the opportunity to experience Camp and develop the skills and traits we know camp nurtures so every child can learn, grow, thrive and meet their potential.