Camp Crosley has many programs to offer for outdoor and environmental education.  Our current curriculum offerings are listed in the menu to the right. Unless otherwise noted, each class lasts 60 minutes, and a daily schedule includes two morning classes, and two afternoon classes.

The classes offered at Camp Crosley have evolved during our nearly 100 years of bringing people closer to their environment. It is our hope that these experiences will have an impact beyond Camp Crosley. For that reason, we will strive to make our classes current and appropriate to the changing world.

To guide us we have created a number of programmatic goals that we address through our curriculum and daily life at Camp Crosley:
  • Caring – caring about the environment, other people and the future of our world
  • Honesty – being honest about who we are and what we do, being truthful in one’s actions and thoughts
  • Respect – developing a positive self-concept and showing stewardship for the environment and others
  • Responsibility – to be an active member in a sustainable future

Whether we are challenging youth with team initiatives, or participating in leisure activities such as crafts or canoeing, Camp Crosley instructors will strive to make these principles come to life in each student through awareness building activities, appreciation of the beauty and diversity of nature as well as the development of essential environmental literacy skills.

We feel that learning should be discovery based, interactive and perhaps most of all – fun. Join us in creating an experience that will last a lifetime.