Answers to your questions about what your kids are up to 24/7

You’ve poured over the camp website. You’ve read all the lists of activities and have seen the daily schedule, but if you’ve never been to Camp Crosley as a camper yourself, you might still have a lot of questions. I get that. Even though I was a camper eons ago, so much had changed by the time I’d enrolled my girls, and I found myself thinking during various times of the day, I wonder what they are up to right about now?

Depending on the age of your camper, he or she is up, dressed, participating in flag raising and heading into breakfast between 7:30 and 8 am. Before heading out the door in the morning, all campers and staff have straightened up their cabins and clothesline for daily inspection. Winners of the cleanest cabin get to claim The Silver Broom award every day at lunch. (Yes, I know. Kids actually get excited about cleaning their room here at camp. Wish I could transport that energy back home.)

After breakfast, campers head off to their daily classes/activities. On Sundays, kids sign up for their top choices and staff works very hard to get every camper into the classes they desire. (If you signed up your child for a specialty class such as motor bikes or skiing, he is assigned a specific time every day to attend.) There are four activity periods that continue from the morning into the late afternoon. Lunch and chapel provide a break between the first two periods and the last two. Campers participate in these same activities, the same time every day.

Log Roll

Log Roll

What if my camper decides an activity isn’t for him or her? We get it. Sometimes campers sign up for a classes and change their mind after trying it out. Not a big deal. On Mondays, we offer kids the chance to change one class if they desire. No one wants a kid stuck in an activity all week that she hates.

Every day there’s an Activity Period where campers can sign up for swim time, go tubing as a cabin, tackle the giant swing, learn to make friendship bracelets or try several other activities that are being offered. These offerings change from day to day so campers always have a chance to try something new.

After flag lowering and dinner, campers and counselors meet for Cabin Activity Time. This is an hour set aside every day for campers to do something special with their own cabin and counselors. It could be practicing for Thursday Night Mock Rock, playing GaGa, swimming, spa parties, playing basketball, fishing, etc.

Team Work

Sunday nights we open with a Welcoming Campfire, and we close camp with a Closing Campfire and Ceremony on Friday nights. More than anything we want kids to feel like they belong here. We want them to understand that this is a warm, welcoming place where they can bond with others. These campfires are a time of singing, joking, laughing and reflecting, and for 100 years they’ve been an important Camp Crosley tradition. (And this is the view from the campfire. Kinda makes you want to sign up for a week of camp yourself, right? Check out our Family Camps information and find out how you can.)


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights, our program staff and counselors create outstanding evening activities for the various age groups, and Thursday night the place is rocking during the our weekly all-camp Mock Rock competition. (Afterwards, our North Teen Village campers participate in a huge game of soccer, pitting counselors against campers, known as Mocker, and it’s pretty epic.)  After these evening activities are over, it’s time to visit the nurse if need be, hit the showers, unwind and talk about the day together during cabin devotional time, and then lights out.

So, there you have it – what a day in the life of your camper looks like. Have any questions about the daily schedule? Shoot me an email at I’d be happy to answer them.

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