At Camp Crosley, we believe that character counts.  Building character, confidence, and perseverance under the leadership of positive role models in a safe and encouraging environment is core to the Camp experience.  Now more than ever, we have the a responsibility to build and equip the next generation to not only grow, but thrive as leaders in a rapidly changing world.  Building a bright future for tomorrow depends upon caring for our children today.


Today you can ensure that no child’s financial situation ever prevents them from having a memorable, life changing summer.  Your support to Camp Crosley will give a child access to the beauty and wonders of the natural world in a safe and nurturing environment.  Camp Crosley is dedicated to providing life enriching experiences to all children and families, even those that cannot afford the magic of camp. Every year our offices are flooded with requests for financial assistance and it is our goal to turn no one away. Please help give the lasting memories of camp.