Camp Crosley’s Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Statement of Purpose: Camp Crosley YMCA is to provide safe, meaningful and creative learning experiences for people of all ages races and faiths. Through the use of our natural surroundings and trained professional staff, we will promote Judeo/Christian values which may be incorporated into the lives and communities of our campers and guests.

At Camp Crosley YMCA, we strive to build a community filled with caring, honesty, respect,  responsibility and faith. Our goal is to provide a welcoming retreat – whether you join us as a weekend group or a summer camper.

Camp Crosley YMCA Sunset on Lake Little Tippecanoe (Little Tippy)

The famous summer sunset over Little Tippy Lake at Camp Crosley YMCA.

Many of our guests hear for the first time our Camp Crosley Motto: Live for Others. We put God first in our lives, then the needs of others before our own needs, living an unselfish life. We put ourselves third – not last – third. We recognize that when making decisions that we make ones that are good and healthy for ourselves as well as pleasing to God and good for the people around us.

"Live for Others" at Camp Crosley YMCA

The life of Clinton Crosley Ball is the inspiration for our motto, “Live for Others.”

Camp is more than a place to have fun. Camp Crosley staff and campers can learn new skills, grow in confidence and responsibility and make lifelong friendships.